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Join Sinergia in addressing #CuomosHousingCrisis

Date & Time: 
Thursday, June 14, 2018 4:30pm

Join Sinergia in addressing #CuomosHousingCrisis
Thursday, June 14, 2018
Begins 4:30 PM at Bryant Park

There are 89,000 Homeless New Yorkers and 376,000 Evictions Statewide. On June 14, 2018, join us to demand that Governor Cuomo put housing first in the 2018 agenda.
Support the March and Rally for tenants’ rights, to bring an end to homelessness in New York State and create stronger tenant protections. Launched by the Housing Justice For All campaign, tenants and homeless New Yorkers have joined together to demanded the following:

  • Stronger rent laws that close loopholes in the rent stabilization laws
  •  Repealing the vacancy bonus and reforming preferential rent provision in 2018
  • Support and expand the Just Cause Eviction Protections across New York State
  • Investing in code enforcement in order to improve housing conditions
  • Expanding housing court outside of New York City
  • And more practical funding and investment solutions, such as passing the Home Stability Support (HSS) bill, to promote a new statewide rental assistance program. 

This March and Rally is about bringing together the issue of homelessness and affordability in the same breath. Homelessness and affordable housing is a crisis that can be remedied with the right approach. Please contact Mariam Chardiwall, Housing Advocate at Sinergia Inc., a nonprofit that advocates for people with developmental disabilities. Sinergia’s Housing Advocacy team will be marching along with many others on 6/14. To join Sinergia and represent fair housing justice, please contact Mariam Chardiwall at 212-643-2840 EXT. 379 or at

For more information on the Housing Justice For All, please see the report on #CuomosHousingCrisis: Homelessness & Unaffordability in New York State: