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specialized programs in special education in nyc / programas especializados en educacion especial en nyc (asd nest & horizon, ACES, & BSE)

Date & Time: 
Tuesday, January 24, 2023 10:00am to 12:00pm

ASD Nest & Horizon
The ASD Nest and Horizon Programs are two different special education programs in District 1-32 schools that serve students with autism who have Individualized Education Programs (IEPs). Each program is designed to address needs of students with ASD by strengthen academic and social skills but have different service delivery models and eligibility criteria. The same application process applies to both ASD Nest and Horizon Programs.
We will learn about the programs in general, their differences, their ideal student profiles, and the inquiry / application process.
Los programas Nest y Horizon para TEA son dos programas de educación especial diferentes en las escuelas del Distrito 1-32 que atienden a estudiantes con autismo que tienen Programas de Educación Individualizados (IEP). Cada programa está diseñado para abordar las necesidades de los estudiantes con TEA fortaleciendo las habilidades académicas y sociales, pero tiene diferentes modelos de prestación de servicios y criterios de elegibilidad. El mismo proceso de solicitud se aplica a los programas ASD Nest y ASD Horizon.
Aprenderemos sobre los programas en general, sus diferencias, sus perfiles de estudiantes ideales y el proceso de consulta / solicitud.
The Academics, Career, and Essential Skills Program (ACES) program provides students with an opportunity to learn academic, work, and independent living skills in a District 1-32 school.
We will learn about the program, the ideal student profile, the inquiry / application process, and its features.
El programa Habilidades Académicas, Profesionales y Esenciales (ACES) brinda a los estudiantes la oportunidad de aprender habilidades académicas, laborales y para la vida independiente en una escuela del Distrito 1-32.
Aprenderemos sobre el programa, el perfil de estudiante ideal, el proceso de consulta / solicitud y sus características.
Bilingual Special Education (BSE) is a specialized program for students who require an Integrated Co-Teaching (ICT) or Special Class (SC) with a language of instruction other than English. These programs are intended to support English Language Learners (ELLs) who benefit from culturally and linguistically responsive instruction that addresses cognitive, academic and linguistic needs.
We will learn about the program, the ideal student profile, the inquiry / application process, and the difference between the features of Dual Language and Transitional Bilingual Education.
Presenters / Presentadores:
Kate Dolan Cheney, Director of ASD Programs, & Michelle Netzler, Senior Director, Specialized Programs (ACES, ASD, and BSE Programs), NYC Department of Education, and Tatiana Calderon, Autism Initiative Coordinator, Metropolitan Parent Center at Sinergia
Language / Idioma:
English with simultaneous Spanish interpretation. Inglés con interpretación simultánea en español.
RSVP / Confirme su asistencia:
This presentation is in person located at our offices in East Harlem. We are encouraging the use of masks. Limited seating.