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District Report Cards

District Report Cards are produced to inform the people of New York State about the performance of public schools and districts. The New York State Testing and Accountability Reporting Tool (NY Start) provides easy navigation and links to district and school report cards. The District Report Card is an important part of the Board of Regents' effort to raise learning standards for all students. It provides information to the public on the district's status and the status of schools within the district, on student performance, and other measures of school and district performance. Knowledge gained from the report card on a school's district strengths and weakness can be used to improve instruction and services to students.

There are two types of reports available for districts and schools:

The Accountability and Overview Report provides enrollments, average class size, demographic factors, attendance and suspensions, teacher qualifications, and staff counts. It also provides accountability results by accountability measure and performance on accountability measures. Accountability measures at the elementary/middle level are English language arts, mathematics, and science; at the secondary level, they are English language arts, mathematics, and graduation rate.

The Comprehensive Information Report (CIR) provides annual results on Regents examinations, Regents competency tests, second language proficiency examinations, New York State English as a Second Language Achievement Tests, elementary - and middle-level social studies tests, and New York State Alternate Assessments, as well as cohort performance results in social studies and science. The CIR also provides information on high school completers and non-completers and on post-secondary plans of graduates.

Achievement Reporting and Innovation System
ARIS Parent Link

Schools Chancellor Joel I. Klein announced in 2008 the Achievement Reporting and Innovation System (ARIS), a groundbreaking tool introduced to help them raise student achievement, and keep parents informed. ARIS gives parents and educators access in one place to critical information about students.

The student data available in ARIS includes current and past scores on State reading, math, social studies, and science tests; scores on Regents exams; scores on no-stakes periodic assessments in reading and math; high school credits earned; enrollment history; family contact information; English Language Learner and special education status; data on course grades, attendance, and other biographical information. ARIS Parent Link has been fully translated in 8 languages.

What do parents need to log in to ARIS Parent Link?

  • A computer with Internet connection, available at public libraries
  • An email address
  • Your child’s Student ID, which will be distributed by your child’s school in a Welcome to ARIS Parent Link letter, and is also available on your child’s report card
  • A temporary password, which you can get from your child’s school

If parents have questions about ARIS Parent Link, they should contact the Parent Coordinator at their child’s school.