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Types of ACCES-VR Services at Sinergia :
  1. Entry Services

Our Entry Service is divided into Levels 1 & 2:
1.1 Level 1 – Orientation (Services to Groups)
Our Entry Service Level 1:
  • Lays foundation for participants’ career exploration and helps set appropriate expectations
  • Develops appropriate conversation around individual’s transferable skills
  •  Begins plans to update individual’s skills
  • Determines training or retraining needs
1.2 Level 2 – Assistance with Application Process
  1. Job Preparation Services

The Job Preparation Services has two components:
2.1 Self-Advocacy for Students

Our Self-Advocacy program enhances students and ACCES-VR participants’ awareness of the employment needs. It enables them to describe their challenges, identify strengths and weaknesses, identify any accommodations needed and how to be a competent self-advocate relating to preparing for, entering into, engaging in, retaining or advancing in employment.
2.1 Work Readiness 1—Soft Skills Training

  • Work Readiness Training
  •  Job Seeking Skills Training
  •  Resume Assistance
  • Interview Skills Training
  • Short-term Job Coaching
  • Supported Employment
  1. Assessment Services

Post-Secondary Counseling
  •  We provide assistance and guidance in resolving personal, social, or employment-related challenges.
  • Provision of resources and information needed by learners
  • Case management model adoption
  • Assist participants to know and understand world of work (and the labor market) in order to make career, educational, and life decisions.
  1. Job Exploration Counseling

Discussion & information sessions on:
  •  The participants’ vocational interest inventory
  • Comparative and Non-traditional employment options
  • Administration of vocational interest inventories
  •  Identification of career pathways and exploration of labor market.
  • Exploration of Employment Factor
Strengths, Resources, Priorities, Concerns,  Capabilities, Interests, Informed Choice.
Preparing People For:

  • Clerical
  • Janitorial
  •  Grounds
  • Café
  • Food Services
  •  Sales (retailers & customer service)
  • Customized Employment Opportunities
ACCES Participants

  •  Special Education Students and Graduates
  •  Post-Employment Services Participants
  • Former SEMP participants and returnees
  •  Self-Advocates
  • Youth aged 18 a to 21 with qualifying disabilities
  • Mild & Moderate Intellectually Challenged
 Training & Readiness

  • Job Club
  • Job Coaching
  • CVS Workforce Initiative
  •  Work Readiness Training
  •  Job Seeking Skills Training
  • Resume Assistance
  •  Interview Skills Training
  •  Short-term Job Coaching
  • Supported Employment
Currently Preparing People For

  • Clerical
  • Janitorial
  • Grounds
  • Café
  • Food Services
  • Sales (retail & customer service)
  • Customized Employment Opportunities