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Board Members

We are very appreciative of Sinergia’s Board of Directors, which has demonstrated true leadership and vision. The majority of our Board is composed of parents who are committed to our mission, have deep roots in our community, have first-hand experience in raising children with special needs, and are experts at navigating the systems and resources necessary for children to attain the quality of life. The members truly represent and are dedicated to the people they serve.

For more information about Sinergia, from special events, service initiatives, and innovations throughout the year, go to to follow our blog and sign up for our newsletter. You may also follow our Facebook page (

To all of Sinergia's contributors, we thank you for your support! Please continue to participate and contribute your talents in whatever form you are able. With your help, we can provide the services and supports to Sinergia’s children, adults, and families that are central to our mission. Let us continue this work for many years to come.

Johnny C. Rivera, President
Anem Volcy, 1st Vice President
Christine C. Lewis, 2nd Vice President
Ana Koessler, Treasurer
Dora Mendez, Secretary 
Allison Abreu
Bernice Moro, Ph.D.
Carmen Pagan
Josefina Rosario
Maria Figueroa
Robin S. Brown
Sharon Moore
Wendell P. Brown

Lore Barcelona, Executive Director/CEO
Milca Takata, Deputy Executive Director /COO/CTO
Any Nunez, Comptroller/CFO
Lenny Moise, CHRO/Staff Training and Development Director