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Currently Recruiting for the Position Listed below:

Position: MPC Training and Development
Department: Metropolitan Parent Center, Autism Initiative Project
Position reports to: Co-directors MPC
Introductory Period: As per agency policy and procedure (Employee Manual) 
Exemption Status: This position is exempt and is not eligible for overtime pay for hours work in excess of 35 during a single calendar week (Monday-Sunday)
Scope of Position: Under the supervision of Co-directors MPC, MPC Training and Development will provide the following primary services

  • PTIC Training
  • Individual consultation, information, and referral                                      

Scheduled Hours: Full-time Monday-Friday (some Saturdays/year for outreach events)
Primary Responsibilities for PTIC Training: 

  • Scheduling and presenting live sessions and webinars, including stand-alone presentations and the APPLE Academy, MPC curriculum for parent leadership classes
  • Archiving recorded trainings, videos, podcasts, etc.
  • Identifying and scheduling guest presenters
  • Developing (or participating in the development of) new curricula; updating existing curricula as needed
  • Maintaining complete and up-to-date records of training attendance, evaluation and other data points in SalesForce as required in PTIC work plan

Primary Responsibilities for Individual consultation, information, and referral:

  • Consultation incidental to training – provide consultation services to workshop attendees including information and referral, and record promptly case interaction in database

Shared Responsibilities:

  • Outreach:  As needed and assigned participate in outreach events and activities, generate content for social media and website
  • Networking:  As needed and assigned, participate in community meetings, provider groupings, etc.
  • Representation of agency:  As needed and assigned, represent Sinergia at government agency meetings, local and regional conferences, etc.
  • As needed and assigned, assist in providing training/professional development to other agency staff.         

Professional Conduct:                  

  • Adhere to expected work hours/shift and to maintain punctuality when reporting to work.
  • Maintain absolute confidentiality about all individual served and personnel records.
  • Maintain timely record of contacts and actions taken in Salesforce.
  • Abide by all agency policy as outlined in the employee manual.
  • Maintain good work habits and teamwork relationship with the rest of the Metropolitan Parent Center team and agency staff in general

Skills Required:

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills, in English and Spanish
  • Experience working with families of individuals with intellectual developmental disability
  • Leadership, Classroom Management, Project Management
  • Curriculum development, lesson planning, and implementation
  • Research Skills, Navigating Databases, Microsoft 365
  • Basic knowledge (or ability to learn with expert instruction) webinar hosting and archiving

Position:   Housing Advocate and Outreach Facilitator 
Department:    Housing
Position reports to: Deputy Executive Director and Housing Coordinator
Introductory Time:  Three months
Exemption Status:   Non-Exempt
Job Summary

Established in 1977, Sinergia Inc.  has lived true to its primary goals of providing service coordination, information, and support to families and individuals in need. The organization works with underserved families, many with limited English proficiency, who may be homeless or impoverished, or who may be struggling with insecure housing and income, lack of services, and discrimination based on ethnicity, language status, immigration status, gender, or poverty. Synergia works towards providing these families and individuals with self-empowerment means, ultimately enabling them to become advocates for themselves and their families.  
The Housing Advocate is responsible for completing assigned housing program tasks according to OPWDD funding requirements and Sinergia’s policy and procedures. He/She handles case management tasks in the form of housing advocacy to individuals in need of support who are OPWDD eligible within the catchment area of 196th Street to 126th, river to river in Manhattan.


• Respond to intakes within 72 hours
• Provide information and referral on all housing issues and concerns.
• Provide ongoing casework services to individuals and families who are at risk of becoming homeless.
• Accompany families for housing entitlements and landlord/tenant court issues.
• Escort tenants to housing court dates and adjournments.
• Conduct and organize Sinergia Inc. housing workshops per DHCR requirements.
•Assist families in obtaining or remaining in permanent housing by guiding families in the use of community resources.
• Be willing to work flexible hours.
• Conduct home visits when necessary
• Advocate for repairs and entitlements
• Serve as liaison to outside government agencies such as HRA, HUD, HPD, NYCHA.• Maintain all required paperwork, case records, and data.
• Assist in completing all applicable housing applications for families such as DRIE, SCRIE, and NYC Low Income Housing.
• Provide comprehensive case management on all housing issues.
• Obtain all necessary paperwork in compliance with OPWDD requirements.
• Comply with monthly in house meetings.• Attend all necessary and related training on the efficient and thorough delivery of housing-related services.
• Responsible for the development of program reports on time.• Read, understand, and translate court stipulation documents.• Maintain thorough communication via phone, text, or email with the supervisor when conducting outside fieldwork.• Maintain and update the calendar to reflect outside fieldwork.
• Attend monthly housing department meetings with other staff as informed.
• The advocate is responsible for conducting a minimum of 8 housing-related training sessions a year with a minimum of 200 participants a year.
•Other related duties as assigned.
Additional outreach responsibilities:

  • Provide oversight and collect information for outreach activities and events for programmatic departments needing outreach support.
  • Strategize and notify supervisors and coordinators of outreach opportunities.
  • Review and recommend outreach efforts to maintain our brand presence within the community with the Deputy Director.
  • Occasionally (max-once a month) attend a meeting with partner organizations or committees that are outreach related.


  • Excellent time management skills.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills to interact effectively with coworkers, employees, families, and outside contacts.
  • Demonstrate sound judgment and the capacity to respond to unusual situations.
  • Must be able to maintain the necessary strictest confidentiality.
  • Strong case management skills.
  • Excellent computer skills.
  • Bilingual in Spanish required.


Serves as a role model for all Agency staff in promoting the Agency Mission, Vision, Values, and Guiding Principles:
• Fosters Agency and program-wide cooperation and teamwork: through the use of positive/constructive communication techniques.
• Maintains absolute confidentiality in regards to all people served and personnel records.


Employees must comply with agency regulations, policies, and procedures. Any employee who witnesses or learns about a violation or possible violation of agency or governing body rules and regulations or policies and procedures must immediately report this to his/her supervisor or the agency's corporate compliance officer.


  • Associate's Degree in a related field
  • Bachelor preferred.
  • Previous advocacy experiences.
  • Knowledge of housing programs, such as community and social service resources.
  • Knowledge of eviction prevention and landlord-tenant disputes.
  • Extensive knowledge of public assistance entitlements and housing subsidy programs.
  • Familiarity with housing entitlement systems and procedures.
  • Knowledge of OPWDD audit, review process, and its requirements.

On-Going Recruitment Events

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