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Service Coordination provides an array of services to families with individuals with developmental disabilities that are interested in obtaining services from the Office of People with Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD). These services include but are not limited to Assistance with the OPWDD eligibility process, support with Front Door process, hand on hand support with the Medicaid Waiver application process for individuals with no Medicaid, assistance with Guardianship and other supporting decision making programs, and information and referrals including Care Coordination Organizations. 

Non-Medicaid Evaluation Program assists individuals with developmental disabilities residing in Manhattan with clinical assessments for OPWDD eligibility application process.  Individuals must have been previously diagnosed with a developmental disability or must provide documentation of a possible condition that needs further assessment.  Our clinicians will provide assessments according to OPWDD eligibility committee requirements and/or according to the individual’s presenting, such as: Psychological Evaluations, Psychosocial Evaluations, Comprehensive Autism Assessments, Adaptive Assessments, among others.

Family Reimbursement Program Family Reimbursement Program provides funds to individuals for goods and services that are not available through other existing public assistance programs and /or resources.  Applicants must be OPWDD eligible, have a developmentally/intellectually disability, must reside at home with family, and cannot be currently enrolled in Self Direction.  Reimbursements are available for bedroom furniture, clothing, shoes, camps, recreational programs, and more.  If the application meets all criteria of the program and OPWDD, families could be approved up to $500.00.

OPWDD Eligibility Required: 
Must Live at Home w/ Family: Yes

"They listen to you and give you a lot of attention and are always present to give a helping hand."

"I always talk to my friends about Sinergia and I recommend it. A friend of mine is also receiving services now and I know she is very happy with the help she is getting."

"I am very satisfied with this agency because they helped me with all of the services that my daughter needed."

"I feel very satisfied with this agency and I hope that they continue helping us. I feel they are doing an excellent job."