The Metropolitan Parent Center offers training presented on a variety of topics related to special education, ranging from one-time workshops on topics of current interest to an intensive advocacy series designed to develop the knowledge and skills of parents to advocate for their own children and assist other parents. Training sessions are detailed in our online calendar, and offered year-round at Sinergia or at host organizations. MPC also provides one-to-one assistance and advocacy to help parents resolve special education issues. The Center's Autism Initiative is a significant project that provides support and training to parents of children on the autism spectrum, as well as, an arts program for children on the spectrum.

Residential Services are provided at multiple sites in Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Queens. Sinergia operates certified and noncertified residences for individuals with developmental disabilities and varying needs for support. Additionally, some individuals with developmental disabilities live in certified Family Care Homes, where they become part of a loving, nurturing family. All residential programs have as their goal maximizing independence and community integration, and enabling individuals to pursue goals and outcomes of their own choosing.

Day Habilitation and the supplemental Up Living Program engages individuals with developmental disabilities in a comprehensive day program that develops their educational, social, recreational and vocational skills. Caminos offers Pathway to Employment services to develop customized employment with support, to give individuals with developmental disabilities the opportunity to seek and retain fulfilling jobs at prevailing wages.

Family Support Service Coordination provides an array of services to families with individuals with developmental disabilities that are interested in obtaining services from the Office of People with Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD). These services include, but are not limited to: Assistance with the OPWDD eligibility process, support with Front Door process, hands on support with the Medicaid Waiver application process for individuals with no Medicaid, assistance with Guardianship and other supporting decision making programs, and information and referrals including to Care Coordination Organizations.

Family Support Educational Advocacy  Program services for families in Manhattan with children and/or young adults with intellectual/developmental disabilities between the ages of 3-21.  Services may include:  In-depth consultation with an Educational Specialist,  Accompaniment to CSE, IEPs, and school meetings as needed, Assistance with school, school transportation, and related services issues, Referrals to Legal consultation as needed. 

Non-Medicaid Evaluation Program assists individuals with developmental disabilities residing in Manhattan with clinical assessments for OPWDD eligibility application process. Individuals must have been previously diagnosed with a developmental disability or must provide documentation of a possible condition that need further assessment. Our clinicians will provide assessments according to OPWDD eligibility committee requirements and/or according to the individual’s presenting, such as: Psychological Evaluations, Psychosocial Evaluations, Comprehensive Autism Assessments, Adaptive Assessments, among others.

Family Reimbursement Program provides funds to individuals for goods and services that are not available through other existing public assistance programs and /or resources. Applicants must be OPWDD eligible, have a developmentally/intellectually disability, must reside at home with family, and cannot be currently enrolled in Self-Direction. Reimbursements are available for bedroom furniture, clothing, shoes, camps, recreational programs, and more. If application meets all criteria of the program and OPWDD, families could be approved up to $500.00.
Housing Advocacy Program is an initiative which provides advocacy for low-income, underserved communities who are developmentally disabled in all New York City boroughs. A member of the household must have OPWDD eligibility to qualify for services. Advocates provide supportive services for the following housing concerns: Housing Court Support, Assistance in nonpayment cases, Eviction Prevention, Repairs, DRIE/SCRIE Rent Freeze Applications, Workshops on Tenants’ Rights, NYCHA & NYC Housing Connect Lottery Applications, among others.

Community Habilitation provides in-home habilitation assistance to individuals (including children) with disabilities. The community habilitation service is intended to be a more efficient mechanism for the delivery of habilitative services in the community to facilitate community inclusion, relationship building, leisure skills, self- advocacy, travel training, and assistance with activities of daily living.

Respite services are provided in-home or in a respite apartment, offering care for children or adults with developmental disabilities when their families are temporarily unable to care for them or when family care-takers simply need a break.

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