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Metropolitan Parent Center
The Metropolitan Parent Center offers training presented on a variety of topics related to special education, ranging from one-time workshops on topics of current interest to an intensive advocacy series designed to develop the knowledge and skills of parents to advocate for their own children and assist other parents.  Training sessions are detailed in our online calendar, and offered year-round at Sinergia or at host organizations. MPC also provides one-to-one assistance and advocacy to help parents resolve special education issues. The Center's Autism Initiative is a significant project that provides support and training to parents of children on the autism spectrum, as well as an arts program for children on the spectrum.

Residential Services are provided at multiple sites in Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Queens. Sinergia operates certified and noncertified residences for individuals with developmental disabilities and varying needs for support. Additionally, some individuals with developmental disabilities live in certified Family Care Homes, where they become part of a loving, nurturing family.  All residential programs have as their goal maximizing independence and community integration, and enabling individuals to pursue goals and outcomes of their own choosing.

Day Habilitation and the supplemental Up Living Program engages individuals with developmental disabilities in a comprehensive day program that develops their educational, social, recreational and vocational skills. Caminos offers Pathway to Employment services to develop customized employment with support, to give individuals with developmental disabilities the opportunity to seek and retain fulfilling jobs at prevailing wages.

Family Support Programs offer service coordination and housing advocacy. Family Reimbursement is also available to make one-time cash grants of up to $500 to families to relieve financial hardship.

We Are Parents Too provides parenting classes and individual support to parents with developmental disabilities. Many are seeking reunification with children taken into foster care.

Community Habilitation provides in-home habilitation assistance to individuals (including children) with disabilities. Respite services are provided in-home or in a respite apartment, offering care for children or adults with developmental disabilities when their families are temporarily unable to care for them or when family care-takers simply need a break.

We are very appreciative of Sinergia’s Board of Directors, which has demonstrated true leadership and vision. The majority of our Board is composed of parents who are committed to our mission, have deep roots in our community, have first-hand experience in raising children with special needs, and are experts at navigating the systems and resources necessary for children to attain quality of life. The members truly represent, and are dedicated to, the people they serve.

For more information about Sinergia, from special events, service initiatives, and innovations throughout the year, go to to follow our blog and sign up for our newsletter. You may also follow our Facebook page (

To all of Sinergia's contributors, we thank you for your support! Please continue to participate and contribute your talents, in whatever form you are able. With your help, we can provide the services and supports to Sinergia’s children, adults and families that are central to our mission. Let us continue this work for many years to come.